If there is only just one thing 

That I won’t put to doubts 

Then it is surely facts I think

That can not be renounced

For I do not doubt gravity <-link

Nor do I doubt starlight 

I even don’t doubt mysteries 

That future facts have yet do bright

But there are also other facts 

That trouble up my mind

That I cannot explain to me

Where all believe is failing me

That I relentless disagree 

For it is not what I can see

And leaves me all but kind

Those facts that I will summarise 

That I forsake and doubt 

Will come I think as no surprise 

For it is what we’re taught 

I doubt the fact there’s strengt in me

I doubt the fact of potential 

I doubt the fact that what you see

When you put your gaze on me

Has any worth or value 

It’s strange when I write down these facts 

Try swiping them of doubts 

My body freezes and reacts

As if it’s screaming loud:

“Please don’t place those facts on me!”

“Please don’t make me doubt!”

“For thóse facts, that I am, you see

Can only be a part of ‘me’

If I reject and disagree 

All that we were taught.”


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