I’ve been reading a lot –a whole lot– about trauma, dissociation, high sensitivity (because I noticed that my sensory perception was way of the charts compared to most) … and a whole wide range of other related subjects since I crashed in 2017.

I have done this not purely out of the interest in these topics, because they effect me.

But mainly out of a necessity to

a) better understand myself


b) to be able to better protect myself.

The latter, because I noticed that many mental health workers did not GRASP the feeling of dissociation, but felt themselves, due to their ‘position’ I guess, somehow obliged to state the opposite.

To be the “rock”, on which you build your church, I guess.

I noticed this, not only in conversations but also in every writing I found about dissociation.


Carolyn Spring 👈 link

I encountered her podcasts ..and one time, while riding my bike, I listened to the first episode: #suicide

Heavy topic to start with, yes!

And it struck me. Hard!

I noticed tears rolling down my cheeks.

But it wasn’t the topic that struck me the most.

It was the way the topic was told. The grasping, the feeling, the knowing..

Not, shouted from an ivory tower penthouse..

But real life felt ..told next to me.

Shared.. with me..

A story.. a felt story.. hér story..

And although her experiences may differ in certain ways with mine.. and ours..

Through her podcasts and writings.. for the first time I.. we.. felt understood.

And that is why I share the link to her homepage.