People mistakenly

perceive us as negative

People attribute us

gazing the past

But truth although found

through many perspectives

Seems stuck and gets crowned

by all that’s subjective

Believed objectivity

poured in a cast

By society’s need

to hold a ferm grasp

For truth it seems clear

though seldom irrelevant

Is covered with fear

restraining all judgement

Fear yet we know

is context blinding

But we love the show

and forget it is binding

The truth now neglects

a child and its toy

Blind eye to the facts

by promise of joy

But joy can’t be felt

in all of its glory

If fear is the belt

that chokes the whole story

For rupturing those bindings

the weights on our back

“Won’t happen” as findings

when never looked back

Like ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’

a question arising

A bright boundless future

on the horizon

The past though turns out

is on endless repeat

So we have to look back now

to get on our feet

‘Cause without ever looking

what’s holding us back

The fear won’t stop cooking

misguiding our tracks

Help that is needed

to cast out that fear

When shouted upon

gets spooked like a deer

A new question then

begins to emerge

And maybe this one

will brighten our search

It may not be shouted

It may not be told

It may get us pounded

But sometimes I’m bold

Endlessly now

in my head is whispering

Do people mistakenly

credit their listening?

February ’20

διαίρεση © MMXX



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