Friday, 23th of September 2022 – 10:08AM

I enrolled in a bike mechanics course.

Several reasons.

-one could say-

Two main reasons:

  1. Autonomie
  2. My children

The autonomie, I guess, is pretty clear:

It eliminates (malicious) third parties for one..

And even clean drinking water is expensive.

My children..

For now..

Lets just say that I’m fed up with all the emotional manipulations and threatenings they (also) have to endure.

Fed up with the continuous generational* trauma that is also now passed on to them.

And fed up..

I mean: WE ARE really, réally! FED UP!!

..that ‘we‘, the father, the only ‘person‘ that is REALLY trying to protect THÉM, by trying to break that vicious cycle of generational trauma, is ignored, stigmatised and even punished and outcasted..

..for trying to break that vicious cycle..

And this, not only by their (my children’s) surroundings.. but backed up and even ..


by a society that is blinded by and completely stuck.. their own constitutions..

..those same generational trauma’s.


And by completing this course, we will also be able to ensure them (my children) ..a ..reassuring stability afterwards (more to come about that).


* generational-constitutional trauma!:

Society as a whole is too eager to finger point individuals to downplay their role, but the fact of the matter is that society is both whipping lash and driver that drives the horses in théir horse span.



generational trauma!

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