Time’s Up

It’s been a while, don’t tell me cause I know. 

Anger says: “you’re not supposed to show!” 

The devastation and all of the confusion. 

Tell me, who really lives in an illusion?

Vultures will feast if they are able. 

Weakness as dinner on the table. 

Hide, because you are a fuse. 

Concealing all of the abuse. 

But I’m tired. 
So really, really tired. 
And feel like all my time is hired. 

I’m shouting, endless in the dark. 

Hoping for the magic of a spark. 

Igniting and fueling once again.

The fire, a passion from within.

But fog is covering all the land. 

As if to prepare a final stand. 

Will it be a classic tale. 

Shrouded in it’s ancient veil. 

Or will it be a whole new story. 

But tell me than, which side is glory

I’m tired now.
So really, really tired.
And feel like all my time is hired.

Do you see the stars. 

Light up at night. 

Reminding that it’s all alright.

A velvet blanket far and wide. 

A place for us where we can hide. 

And through our constellations.

We watched the world in patience. 

For time has no beginning here. 

Irrelevance the atmosphere.

 A universe inside my mind. 

The dark side of the moon ain’t blind. 

But we, my friend, are tired. 
So really, really tired. 
And feel like all our time is up and that we have expired. 


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